FOG Volunteer Activities 2020

We are looking for help with the following activities!

  • Communications
    • Website development, management
    • Graphic design
    • Social media, newsletter, articles in local newspapers
    • Translation
  • Monitor –  river health
    • Shoreline survey (1 time per summer)
    • Expand water quality parameters (e.g., micro plastics, metals)
    • Expand river network up to Maniwaki
  • Educate – expertise about threats and protecting the river
    • Develop an online library
    • Develop Info packages for new residents, real estate agents, developers, Bio blitz
    • Info booths at community events
  • Advocate – on behalf of the river
    • Governmental advocacy
      • Write and publish position papers on upcoming issues
      • Foster alliances and partnerships
  • Celebrate
    • Riverfest 2020
      • Planning committee
    • Organize and participate in shoreline Cleanups
  • Build capacity
    • Working Board Members
    • Fundraising

What other help can you offer?! We look forward to hearing from you!!

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