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The Gatineau River

Together, keeping it flowing wild, clean, and safe for future generations.

Our Beautiful River

The Gatineau River runs 386 kilometres from the Baskatong Reservoir to the city of Gatineau, where it empties into the Ottawa River. Its watershed covers 40,254 square kilometers and is interconnected with over 50 streams and 19,000 lakes. The Anishinàbeg people, who have lived in its watershed for centuries call it Tenàgàdin Zìbì. It remains unceded territory.

Although it is one of the cleanest rivers in Quebec, it is threatened by increasing development in the 10 municipalities along its shores, and a dramatic rise in recreational use for camping, boating, fishing, swimming and other activities.

Our River

The mighty Gatineau is a one-of-a-kind recreation paradise and home to diverse plants and wildlife.

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River Spotlight

Protecting our Natural Assets Webinar

Protecting our Natural Assets Webinar

Find out how your municipality can protect and conserve forests and wetlands.  Listen to speakers  Jean-Francois Girard, biologist and lawyer practicing municipal law, and Louis Parenteau, biologist and limnologist, specialist in identifying natural assets and...

Boating Safety Consultation #1

Boating Safety Consultation #1

This first consultation session in the Transport Canada Boating Safety program focused on the problem definition and the exploration of non-regulatory measures to be implemented during the 2021 season.

What We Do

Water Quality Monitoring

Ensuring clean, safe water for human recreation and the natural environment.

Shoreline Protection

Advocating for a natural shoreline to maintain water quality and ecosystem health.

Invasive Species & Biodiversity

Promoting action to protect biodiversity and defend against  the introduction of invasive species.

River Safety and Etiquette

Working towards safer, shared enjoyment of the river by all.

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