Photo by Donna Ward

It’s summer and a wonderful time to enjoy our beautiful and clean Gatineau River; one of the cleanest in Quebec. The river is for everyone to share and enjoy in different ways. This year there are significantly many more people and boats on the river. However, if we are not all careful, we will put the river’s health in danger as well as our own safety. EVERYONE can do their part to keep our river clean and safe. Check out and share this!

For All

Leave no trace: Plan on bringing your garbage home with you

Respect Wildlife: watch quietly from afar; don’t feed; leave plans and rocks as is

Respect the community: other river lovers, local residents and property

Be seen: When on the water, make sure you can be seen by an oncoming motorboat!

Paddlers & Boaters

Saftey First: Bring life jackets & safety equipment


Motor Boaters

Follow speed limits: 10km / hour in the narrows and 30m from the shoreline is the LAW.

Be considerate Reduce speed and wake before passing a swimmer, floater or paddler.

Stay to the right when crossing another on-coming vessel.

Wash your boats before entering when coming from another watercourse.

Limit use of 2 stroke engines.  4 stroke and electric engines are much less polluting.