Invasive Species and Biodiversity

The biodiversity of flora and fauna is critical for river health.


Did You Know?

  • Boats and gear can introduce and spread invasive species, endangering native species and reducing biodiversity.
  • Over the past few years, FOG volunteers have been detecting the invasive eurasian milfoil plant in the river.
  • Other threats include zebra mussels, aquatic insects, blue-green algae, and fish parasites.
  • Invasive species can be very difficult to contain once they are established.

What We’re Doing

Invasive Species Survey

In summer 2021, we will conduct an Invasive Species Survey Project, which is funded by the municipality of Chelsea. We will work in conjunction with Ottawa Riverkeeper and some university experts to identify the scope of the problem and make recommendations for mitigation.

Boat Washing Advocacy

We are advocating for boat washing regulations and the installation of public washing stations near launch sites.

What You Can Do

Wash Your Boat

Wash your boat, trailer and fishing gear whenever moving between water bodies.

Leave No Trace

Leave native plants and animals untouched and undisturbed.

Report What You Find

If you see something that you believe to be an invasive species, let us know. Take a photo, record the location, and email them to us.

Invasive Species and Biodiversity News

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