Shoreline Surveys

Much of the developed shoreline lacks the required buffer, and there is a proliferation of private boat launches.


By-laws require a 15-metre shoreline buffer zone and do not permit private boat launches.

Local by-laws require that a buffer zone of natural or re-naturalized vegetation be maintained for a specified distance from the shoreline:

Over a ten-year period, we conducted surveys from the water to gather information about the state of the shoreline. The purpose was not to identify specific properties in breach of by-laws, but rather to raise awareness of the need for shoreline restoration.

Our surveys referenced the MRC buffer requirement of five metres, even though Chelsea, Cantley, and La Pêche have stricter, 15-metre requirements. Much of the developed shoreline lacks the required buffer.

Survey Results 

September 2018

Shoreline Survey 2018

November 2013

Shoreline Survey November 2013

Oct 2009

Shoreline Survey Oct 2009