Water Quality

Ensuring clean, safe water for human recreation and the natural environment.


Did You Know?

  • For 20 years, FOG has regularly tested the river for bacteria levels (fecal coliforms) to determine its safety for swimming and other recreational activities. The results have been good.
  • Growing levels of microplastics, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and other pollutants in the river have not yet been monitored or addressed.
  • Chloride in road salt gets washed into the river, where it can accumulate and harm the balance of aquatic ecosystems.

What We’re Doing

Water Quality Testing

We test samples at multiple locations on the river for bacteria and nutrients as a public service with support from the municipalities of La Pêche, Cantley and Chelsea, and recreational clubs and riverfront residential associations.

Gatineau Quebec Road Salt Study - Image by Jan Mallander from Pixabay

Road Salt Study

We are working on a project with the Ottawa River Keeper, La Pêche Coalition for a Green New Deal, and the Agence du Bassin Versant des 7 to monitor the effects of road salt usage on the Gatineau River.

What You Can Do

Maintain Your Septic System

If you live on the water, make sure your septic system is up to current standards and in good working order.

Watch what you flush

Don’t flush unused pharmaceuticals, paints, or other toxins down the toilet.

maintain a shoreLine buffer

If you live on the water, maintain a buffer zone of native vegetation along your shoreline and don’t use fertilizers or pesticides.

Avoid Fuel Spills

Take care when refueling your boat on the water.

Water Quality News

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